AOL Explorer

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Are you tired of your boring Internet Explorer and others web browsers? AOL Explorer can be your solution.

AOL Time Warner has developed this marvellous browser that can become one of the most used ones in a short time.

AOL Explorer includes lots of new features which will make easier your websurfing. Using AOL Explorer you will have at your fingerprints all your favourites, history, feeds and even your mail account. You will see a little bar on the left side of the screen full of shorcuts that guides you to those features.

It also includes easy-to-see tabs to browser windows so you can find the window you want at a glance, Thumbnail previews, so you can see the content of the website of the tabs, Pop-up control,...

And it has a shortcut to your mail account (AOL or AIM) which will make easier to access your mail.

And all this with an intuitive eye-catching interface.
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